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Pupillage and training contract interviews

Please note we no longer provide this service except very occasionally on a pro bono basis. Unfortunately, there is no availability remaining for this year.

Pupillage interviews may be very short indeed, and it is vital to stand out in not only what you say, but also the way in which you say it. This is the moment for you as an individual to shine and impress, clearly demonstrating to the members of the interview panel that you are suited to a career at the Bar and an appropriate candidate for tenancy.

Thorough preparation will enhance your chances of a successful interview, but the way in which you handle yourself in front of the panel will, more than anything else, determine the outcome. Confidence is vital.

Our interview coaching services aim to optimise your performance at interview by providing you with one-to-one advice and feedback on content, interview style and nonverbal communication.

A typical coaching session lasts approximately 3 hours. During this time, we will examine your motivation for a career at the Bar, discuss the types of chambers to which you have applied, address your specific concerns in respect of the interview process, and provide you with an opportunity to answer a broad range of questions in relation to your candidature, and to undertake two full-scale mock interviews, one including a problem question, and the other, an advocacy test. In this way, we seek to prepare you for both first and second round interviews.

In advance of our meeting, we will ask you to send us a copy of your pupillage application and a list of chambers with which you have upcoming interviews so that the coaching session may be tailored to your specific requirements. To make most efficient use of time, we will ask you to prepare the problem question and advocacy test in advance.

The feedback you receive will be both honest and robust, but always constructive, helping you to effectively communicate the major strengths and more interesting aspects of your candidature, which are most likely to appeal to the chambers or particular law firm to wich you have applied, and which will allow you to stand out from your peers. When you leave the interview room we want you to feel assured that you have done your very best to secure a pupillage place or training contract.

We pride ourselves on delivering an unparalleled level of engagement and support with further email and telephone advice offered on an ongoing basis in respect of any additional pupillage interviews.

From the other pages of this website, you will understand that our Principal Consultant, Julian McCombe, has been engaged in assisting QC candidates with their Silk applications and interviews over the last five years. Our offering has been extended to judicial applications for the last four years, and to pupillage applications for the last three years. Approximately 90% of our clients obtain a pupillage place/ training contract, which is not insignificant given that 5 out of 6 pupillage applicants fail to do so.

We charge £500 + VAT for a pupillage interview coaching session lasting approximately 3 hours, which represents a one-third reduction on our standard hourly rate of £250 + VAT. Additional services are available at a reduced hourly rate of £200 + VAT.

For an initial conversation regarding your candidature, please contact Julian McCombe on 07971 119 390 or by email at enquiries@qcappointments.co.uk

Whether or not you take advantage of our services, we would like to provide all applicants with various resources and advice in respect of pupillage interviews, which may be accessed by clicking on the links in the right hand column.

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  2. Key concepts concerning the psychology of interviewing apply as much to pupillage interviews as to any other type of interview. Advice based on psychological evidence, along with links to supporting materials, may be accessed by clicking HERE

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