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helping you prepare for silk and judicial appointment.


Free introductory session for the QC Appointments Competition

We are able to offer Chambers a free introduction to the QC Appointments Competition, which provides an overview of the process for both members and clerks.

The session may be tailored to your specific requirements, but typically covers the following areas:

  1.    Summary of the process and timetable

  2.    Review of previous competitions

  3.    What is the Panel looking for? 

  4.    What lies at the heart of each of the competencies?

  5.    How do I choose my cases and assessors?  

  6.    How should I approach the interview?

  7.    Where should I start?

If you would like to arrange an introductory session, please contact Julian McCombe on 07971 119 390

or by email at julianmccombe@qcappointments.co.uk

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